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Make a Difference in the Community

Community Development

Kiwonnongo Foundation Community Development associations are started as associations with a vision that is demand-driven institution-owned, managed and controlled by members. By giving ownership to the local community members, it  helps us to promote sustainability. 

At the moment, a Women and Youth Associations ( Ba,Mukisa Women Group- Lunya) have been established. These unions have regular meetings and have started on projects such as Soap Making and others are on pipeline to form achievable goals.

Another association which is directly formed by parents that have children in St Jerome Emilian Academy from one specific family. This family has almost 45 children in this school. These children range from age 4 to 16 years. Their siblings got married at 14 years of age after dropping out of school. Much resistance from their parents is met due to lack of commitment and contribution by living parents. Many children in this group have no parents. Others have parents but parents are unknown.

A lot of effort has been done to assist these parents but to no avail. The children are willing to be educated but need sponsorship. Your contribution to sponsor a child is highly needed.

Please contact us on how to contribute to this Micro-finance program or sponsor a child from this group.

Thank you.

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