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Upcoming Events

Kiwonnongo Foundation hosts, supports, and participates in a wide range of charity gatherings. Among our many events, you’re sure to find something that strikes your interest. Make sure you and your family don’t miss out on our next fun and impactful experience. We want you to make a difference. Check out our schedule and join us soon.

Clothing Drive

May, 2021

Every day, children at St Jerome Emilian Academy scramble for funds to pay for their basic school clothing. School children wear a uniform for safety as they walk long distances to and from school. As they are recognized by the community and guided better when in need. It also provides pride to the children to be part of an education system that cares and gives them a chance to a better life.

Please Donate funds for a school uniform. A full uniform costs $100.00 ( shirt, dress or short pants, socks and shoes). This set lasts for 12 months.

Thank you

Annual Children Talent Gala (Omwoleso)

November, 2021

On November3, 2021, St Jerome Academy Children, the Youth and Women group shall celebrate 2021 exhibiting all their achievements. Join us and celebrate with us.

Contact us and ask about this trip's offers- all for free!

Sponsor A Child Marathon

August, 2022

Kiwonnongo Foundation will jump start its compaigns of 'Sponsor-A-Child' marathon. This is to enable all well-wishers to choose a child of their desire, get information about a specific child to sponsor and follow up on this child. KFI population is from all walks of life, such as orphans, children who have parents but have been displaced by war, or poverty and those who have children, live with them but are too poor to afford basics of live surviving necessities.

Please join us and support a child receive a foundation based on education and God crafted gifts through your Blessed hands.

Thank you.

We can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events. Check out our calendar and contact us for more information.

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