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Get Involved!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Do you want to make the world a better place for humanity? When it comes to making a positive change, Kiwonnongo Foundation provides a variety of charitable programs and initiatives for you to get involved with. We’re looking forward to having you involved.


St Jerome Emilian Academy Donations

Change Starts Here

To  bring high quality education to Kiwonnongo and surrounding areas of these remote villages in Kiboga District, Uganda,  it is required that not only do we provide the proper facilities, but economic resurgence for the area.

We need  your help!  We need  Short and Long term sponsorship,  and personal involvement to make this 20 year plan a reality.


Community Development

Make a Difference in the Community

Kiwonnongo Foundation

has started as an association with a vision that is demand-driven institutions-owned, managed and controlled by members. By giving ownership to the local farmers helps to promote sustainability. 


At the moment, a Women and Youth Associations have been established. These unions are planning to have regular meetings to form achievable goals. Another association which is directly formed by parents that have children in St Jerome Emilian Academy.



Helping Those in Need

Micro-finance is a viable instrument and is a promising tool to tackle poverty in the developing world. The micro-finance opportunity in Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc shall be derived from the fact that the provision of financial services can contribute to poverty reduction and pass the test of sustainability at the same time. The approach that is proposed here, by the Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc, will address the whole problem of providing for micro-finance.  A complete plan and vision for sustainable development. For donors, micro-finance is especially attractive as it can be delivered in an institutional and fi


Volunteer Opportunities

Change Starts Here

Kiwonnongo Foundation is committed to helping the neediest among the Lunya area community. Learn more about our charitable Volunteer Opportunities program, and see how you can help make it even better and more impactful. Whether you’re looking to donate money or want to volunteer your time, we are happy to receive any help you can give.

Clothes Donation

Missionary Outreach

Worship Center

Kiwonnongo Foundation cares for every member of the Lunya  and surrounding communities, no matter what their background, religion, belief or situation may be.

Our Missionary Outreach program shall involve a passionate group of volunteers or missionaries from any walks of life coming together with local christian leaders in EVANGELIZING and spreading the WORD OF GOD and providing a charitable service for those who need it most.

KFI is looking for any qualified Christian members to establish  local community centers that will cater for teaching the word of God. Lunya as our major center site, is readily available for the establishment of such evangelical mission.

Lend a helping hand and join our vision and efforts today.

Contact us on how to volunteer or set up a church seeding mission free of charge.

Interested in joining our Mission?
Start and be in charge of a Pilot Committee in your community on our behalf.

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